The Society was formed in March 1970 by a group of Squamish citizens who were interested in providing accommodations for senior citizens.

 In addition to the efforts of the dedicated members of the Society, great assistance both financially and morally has been given to the Squamish Senior Citizens Home Society by the District of Squamish and community organizations, as well as CMHC.

The Manor has 50 units. 36 are bachelor suites, and 14 are one bedroom suites reserved for couples.

The Cedars was built in 1972 and it has 20 units. 4 one bedroom units reserved for couples, and 16 bachelor units.

The Society is operated through a volunteer Board of Directors who are members of our community. The goals and objectives of the Society are to provide affordable housing for senior citizens.

Basically senior citizens who are out of the work force and in need of low cost accommodation. However, all pensioners are considered if they are in need, subject to priority.

Applications are kept on file and as units are available, all applications are reviewed to look at both the financial need as well as the social need of the applicant.

Applicants must be a resident of B.C. for a period of one full year prior to being accepted for residency.

Interested persons may pick up an application form from our office, which is located at 38201 Third Ave., or you may contact us by telephone or e-mail and we will be happy to forward your application by mail or email.
Or you can down load the Application for Residency here

Full Recovery Rents are set by BC Housing, and the Board of Directors based on our present Operating Budget.

Tenant Rent Contribution is based on a person’s monthly pension income, as well as assets, such as term deposits, real estate, and savings accounts etc.

Tenants rent will be 30% of their overall income, and if eligible, shall be subsidized by B.C. Housing and Management Commission. Upon acceptance of residency a Tenant must complete a Statement of Finances as well as complete and Application for Rent Subsidy form which is submitted to B.C. Housing and Management Commission.

Tenants are responsible for paying 100% of the rental amount. Residents over 60 years of age may apply for the S.A.F.E.R (Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters) program from the B.C. Government. 

All persons residing at the Squamish Senior Citizens’ Home Society, must be able to live independently. There are no medical staff on the premises.

Dogs, cats, reptiles,  etc., are not permitted on the site or in suites. Consideration for either birds or aquariums may be made.

Maintenance and Week End Staff
Our maintenance personnel is on site Monday to Friday. There is also full coverage on week-ends.

We are walking distance to pretty much everything...drug store, supermarket, doctors offices, dentist, optometrist....we are right downtown.

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