Our New Building Coming Soon

June 2019 Newsletter

Reminder: Residents Lunch is this Saturday May 25th starting at noon. Bring your own plates! The Board will be in attendance and will be serving up Beef on a bun and lots of salads and dessert. Hope to see you all there!

Staffing Changes: Michael Driver and John Rooney are no longer in the weekday caretaker roles. John will remain on in relief caretaking as well as the weekend security position. Please welcome Don Edison and Gerri Rouse who will be taking over in the weekday caretaker roles. Please be aware that the staff only work 4 hours a day and do not contact Don or Gerri after hours (after 5pm) unless it is a genuine emergency (plumbing, electrical, heating issue). Please note that moving furniture in resident’s suites is not the responsibility of Society staff.

RE Dumping: Please note that residents are responsible for disposing of their old furniture/ TVs etc. If you have a large piece of furniture you can contact the office and ask if it can go on the next dump run for a fee. Please don’t dump things in the Lobby. If you have something you want to donate, please make sure it is something of good quality that someone else will want. Please use discretion when leaving things on the lobby table.

Development Update: It looks like preloading is going to start in the first two weeks of June. I am told that we are striving for an October 1st start date for Construction start. There is A LOT being done behind the scenes right now. The Building Permit Application is being finalized and there is very detailed work involved in that. We are fine tuning the details on the landscape design, and will hopefully pin down a colour scheme in the next few weeks. We still need a name for the new building! All of the suggestions have been submitted.